Black Duppatta becomes Red Hot Fashion Icon

With all the festive spirit, I walk around like a Christmas Tree. I don’t have the frightful blinking lights on me, but only just. I have equipped myself with a bright red coat – a beastly red, and a slightly long one at that, just in case people don’t notice. Yesterday, I stopped a trucker in his tracks – silly goose was trying to drive at an even pace in the city. I stared at him with piercing eyes, and after the effect of the coat had worn off, he noticed the wrath in the inner eye and skimpered down. I saw him sink an inch into his seat.

I shook my head stoically, and gave the fellow a warning look. Don’t let me catch you speeding again, was the general gist. Next time, he steps on the accelerator, he shall remember. That was the look. I saw a policeman look on most approvingly at the color choice.

IT frightens me to know that I have since become somewhat of a fashion icon in my circle of influence. I can right-away imagine a couple of damsels giggling hard thinking of me as the fashion icon. I admit to being guilty of passing pillow cases off as dresses and using large sheets (Queen size) as dupattas. But those days have passed. Couple of folks came and told me that I am a trendsetter!

I now freely pass on fashion tips to folks on platforms.  The other day, I decided to give the red show stopper a break and cloaked thyself in a dull grey. A  girl on the train asked me if I was the red coat lady, and what happened to my coat. Flattering, I tell you, flattering.

I might start a  fashion blog if this trend holds out. I am also freely giving advice on the choice of scarves and shawls to fellow sufferers. You see, I like wearing scarves over plain clothes, and now a fair few have shown interest in that direction as well.

All very complimentary of course. As girls, the sister and I were lovingly nick-named by the scoundrels on the wayside as “Black dupatta”, since we had 2 sinister dupattas – one black and one white to go with any dress – cream/pink/mauve/beige/crimson/teal. I found black went with more clothes and also required less washing, hence “Black Dupatta”.

Who would have thought “Black dupatta” would wear a bold red coat and stride forth with the head held high? Yet, here I am.

Merry Christmas – HO HO HO!

7 thoughts on “Black Duppatta becomes Red Hot Fashion Icon”

  1. AHhaha super post! :–)
    Red coat is bold. I got one and loved it, but returned it pretty soon to my usual beige.
    I have to get another Red one.
    And.. I will look out for the lady in Red in the Bay Area. :–) (You live in Bay Area no?)

    1. Thanks SK…yes, I live in the Bay Area. I was very reluctant initially, but now, I just love it. So, try it again. The more the merrier 🙂

  2. @ Redcoatlady,

    Trendsetter !! for what?? 🙂 LOL

    “I can right-away imagine a couple of damsels giggling hard thinking of me as the fashion icon.” Giggle, giggle..giggle, wink… 😉

    She is set to paint the town red..

  3. Thanks dear Saumya, It is a nice & humorous article. The influence of the party-in-power in your home-state in India is reflected in your preference for blk&red in Duppattas.Also is seen ,your well-cultivated colour-matches-concept,so arduously influenced by my taste of wearing trousers,coat ,shirt & tie in varied colours in Lovedale-life ! Keep writing articles with Humour as blood in your veins.Your style too is taking a unique form. I read the latest with immence joy. Appa.

    1. Thanks Appa….so nice of you to comment on my article. I can now equate myself to writers in Economic Times, since Appa only comments on those articles!

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