A walk in the clouds

Dear muscles,

I am pleased that you have started doing well. To admonish the muscles that got me up there is cruel. Yet, it must be done. I did not like the way you jabbed when I straightened my legs, and tightened that way when I sat. I know I have been out of shape lately, but the rest after the half marathon demanded that.

It now feels like a good idea to appreciate those muscles that have done their part for me without letting me know of their presence. I now know you are there – “Hi!”.

Now, please go back to being inconspicuous. Thank you!

With regards,
Nutty Hiker in the Clouds

A bunch of friends and I did the Mission Peak hike on Saturday. Talking while walking is the best thing one can think of – slowly, we ascended, past the cows, and the fresh dung, with an enthusiastic dog that reminded me a lot of Snowy in Tintin’s adventures. Closer and closer to the clouds and then into the clouds. A light misty spray as walked in the clouds, and before we knew it, we were on the mountain top, walking in the clouds. How dreamy is that?

As my letter indicates, the old muscles don’t take lightly to being taken on a surprise hike up a mountain anymore. I had to be pretty firm with them.

But I am happily sore – how often does one get to walk on the clouds, while being in them?

6 thoughts on “A walk in the clouds”

  1. Walk is good for you..that talk part is NOT good for me..

    Few more walks like this.. you will be ready for Half dome hike.(don’t ask when I will be ready!)

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