Happy Diwali

Here’s wishing more peace and happiness to everybody on Diwali.

Most people know I have the patience of a hen sitting on a reluctant egg to hatch with creative projects. In fact, it is documented legend – I have cut off sleeves, necks and diameter from projects in my youth. Aah – youth. The enthusiasm of youth and the euphoria of new wool would cause me to make statements such as: “I am going to knit a full hand sweater for my father”

The father beamed, the mother held judgement. Once the armies saluted the effort, I would start on the ambitious sweater. I liked knitting, I just thought my father was rather large for a teenager to knit a full hand sweater for. As time went by, the sweater would grow…..quite slowly, since there were more pressing demands on my time, such as thinking about nothing. (It is surprising how many hours of youth has been spent in this fulfilling occupation!)

The sweater would slowly and steadily morph into a half sleeve sweater for then then short and lanky brother.  I am not sure about the psychological scars one gets from wearing sweaters knitted by elder sisters as a hobby, but the brother bore them well. I am not sure he would take kindly to them now, but then, he was a star. He was so intent on getting out there and playing that he wore anything.

This time, our creative pursuits were Diwali oriented. The daughter and I played with Rangoli this time around.


Then as though playing with the powders weren’t enough, we had to mess around with the pulses. I actually stepped out and bought Masoor Dal for the Diyas. Now, I have 2 pounds of masoor dal with no recipes to boot. But, the rangoli looked good.


Happy Diwali all of you! And please point me to recipes using 2 pounds of masoor dal, while you are at it!

8 thoughts on “Happy Diwali”

  1. The daughter of yours claims she did the entire rangoli!

    Nice work. Caught the “pulse”(s) of diwali spirit.

    It was an excellent diwali weekend. Best in many years! Lot of friends and little bit of sparklers did the trick I think.

  2. The little one was very clear that Mom drew the boundary and she did the coloring including the pulses. We had fun too. Boom Boom Chikka Chikka boom boom 🙂

  3. I wish I had a digital camera then!! I could have stored away some photos of that sweater you made- it was truly awful! Orange, blue and yellow stripes, right? It had knots of wool in the middle and was tight around the armpit. Not sure if the brother remembers this designer piece but I definitely do.

    1. That was the second one – SNIFF! After 3 bales of navy blue wool lay around unused with the first sweater, the mother gave me scraps from all her remaining projects to strap together. (I am a tryer!) She figured it would sizzle out too. But ….

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