Birth and Talent

Rahul Gandhi is quoted as being open minded about caste. Laudable and all that. But given the opportunities the man had, if he HAD placed importance on caste – shame on Education! (See:

If you breeze over the comments, you will find folks asking for reservations to be removed too. The point is not that, comments such as “In the future, when you become Prime Minister” concern me. It is not “In the future, if you become Prime Minister”, it is “when you become Prime Minister” like a royal passage of right.

People have to work hard to get to their state of being, in order to be responsible to themselves and to society. This sort of entitlement in a democracy is trying; because we are still stating that birth is better than talent.

3 thoughts on “Birth and Talent”

  1. Unfortunately, birth is the passage of right all over the world… Look at the Kennedys, the Kapoors , the Mins…
    Working hard are only for the poor and middle class…

  2. Ironical isn’t it? Caste is right bestowed upon someone at birth. And Rahul is open minded, when he gets everything just because of that! (May be that is your point 🙂 )
    As Shoba mentioned, it is true world wide.

    Now that I am done with your blog.. I have to work hard to reach great heights so that I can ensure no one other than my kid gets that position 🙂

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