Blog Action Day – Climatic Change

Good Morning to you all. *Bows*

Blog Action Day is coming soon (

The topic for the day is Climatic Change. I am here to talk to you all about the sweeping changes the climate has caused in our ecosystem.

Pardon me, but somehow ‘Climatic change’ brings the speechmaker persona in me to the fore. I can see the army of faces looking up at me in School as I rattle in the School Assembly about climate change. That’s just the nature of it. Which brings me to a rather interesting topic. Do schools have assemblies these days?

Anyway, just thought I will reference my link on Al Gore’s documentary: An Inconvenient Truth

Be good and nice to Bhooma Devi and all that while I siddle off to do something. I don’t want to come here and find that an icecap fell off the shelves of Antartica before I take the little one there to show her the Penguins.

3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day – Climatic Change”

  1. I read about the blog action day too.. Some tips to go green…Buy local, recycle paper, plastic,cans. Try to use shopping bags instead of getting their paper or plastic bags.

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