All for an apple

I have reached an exalted mental state. My mental maturity is shining through my every pore. Pretty soon, I might have people congratulating my way of life, and how they strive to emulate me and so on.

Allow me ….

I walked into the kitchen with a full-ish afternoon lunch stuffed into the intestines and the cuds doing their fair job. I needed a spot of liquid to soothe the upheavals of polishing a liberal lunch. In short, I had fire bells clanging and the firemen were picking up their hoses.

I walked in to the kitchen to see a fairly sad looking apple – it had a note.


I think the apple climbed out of the bowl it was placed in with the note “Free”, struck it out and wrote $10 on it. I mean, there are things a self respecting apple cannot stand. To be given away free at this age, and a note to go with it can’t have been a happy experience. So, I imagine, it climbed out, wrote $10 on the note and slipped back looking innocent and withered.

Now is the entry for the mature self to enter the pic. I picked up another stick-it note and wrote $10 on it, and stuck it there. Satisfied that I spared the apple the ignominy that couldn’t possibly have been shared among fellow apples, I started back.

Now, I just have to find a way to give the apple away for free.
PS: I meant to put the post up yesterday! Now, the apple looks older, and just a little bit more worried at being consumed free or not.

6 thoughts on “All for an apple”

  1. I have no words to praise your magnanimity. 🙂

    Btw, it is interesting that all the Possibly related posts that are automatically generated are about Steve Jobs and Apple…

  2. No comment on the post itself, but looks like the move to wordpress has given you writing a boost – I can see some renewed enthusiasm and greater silliness than before 🙂

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