Only running…..

To everyone who heard the shocking news that my husband left me for a sleepover in a van, and how much my daughter misses her dad – here is the good news, my husband is back!

Really? I did not think he was going to do that? The family seemed pretty stable, don’t you think?

To all those potential rumour mills that started buzzing, luckily I was nearby to explain the reason behind the husband’s sudden disappearance! He ran a 200 mile relay for the India Literacy Project. He and his team spent the week-end in a van sleeping and eating off the road, while they passed the baton. Over 200 teams participated in the relay, and the mild drizzle was an added twist to the tale. (Regular readers would be pleased to know that now, I have 2 chaffing-proof raincoats added to all the other running condiments at home!)

Of course, all my daughter knew was that her father was missing for the whole week-end. He had gone for a sleep-over, and that too in a van! I had to quickly explain that he hadn’t joined the hippies out to explore lands unknown, but was really only running – PHEW!

The tired h. came back last night battered and tired and certainly in heavy need of a shower, but back he was! Meanwhile, the daughter filled him up with all the cool things the girls did this week-end.

I am getting the news of the relay itself in installments, since I wasn’t given much air-time with the father-daughter reunion and all. What I did get was some of the funny team names that participated.

Slow As Molasses (They beat the husband’s team by about 5 minutes)
Dude, Where’s My Van?
Smells Like Team Spirit
Heart And Soles
6 Degrees Of Perspiration 12 Women Of Inspiration
The Fast, The Slow, And The Pretty
Slower Than Turtles, Faster Than Dsl
Babes Are Back In Black
Google Leftovers [Google]
Who’s Watching The Kids? [Willow Glen Track Club]
Shut Up And Run [Kaiser Electronics]
Suns Of A Beach
Cheaper Than Therapy
Does This Van Make My Butt Look Big?
Just Watering Your Flowers, Ma’am
That Wasn’t A Mile
Y R We Runnin?Running Noses [Stanford University Otolaryngology]

There was a walking team christened “What’s the hurry?” (that was my favourite!)

9 thoughts on “Only running…..”

  1. Congratulations on saving your marriage! With a husband who spent the weekend in the ‘smelly’ van, and two pairs of raincoats you may never use again, saving your marriage can be quite a challenge!!!

    The ‘What s the hurry’ people are invited over to my office with their T-shirts on.

  2. Jayashree! That was awesome, that’s why it became my favourite too! People in my office behave like the world is going to come to an end in a tearing hurry!

  3. That was the first thing she told me when I entered your house. “My dad has gone over for a sleepover.” 🙂 When asked about who he went with, poor thing, had this perplexed expression on her face trying to figure out who dad went out with. Wonder how it would have turned out if she started telling others that she did not know with who her dad is having a sleepover..LOL

  4. Oh thank God she figured out it would be a van before she babbled to a larger audience 🙂

  5. It needs lot of imagination or child’s brain to call it as sleep over in van..It is anything but sleepover (actually, to be accurate, it was short sleep over for me .. but no-sleep-due-to-heavy-snoring for others)

    I had tons of fun for sure..

    The group which was running closer to us had a T-shirt with following written on it which summarized this event aptly

    “Self Torturing Dumbasses”

  6. Great job by him! I worked a bit for the ILP India chapter back in India.

    Love the “What’s the hurry?” team name. I would sure have been in that group if I participated. 🙂

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