Oh Lord My God

Every morning, I arrive at the public transit terminal in San Francisco city as the morning fog is deliberating whether to lift from the streets or not. Whether it is the reluctant fog, or sheets of rain or a lazy sun peeking through the cloudy skies, I am reassured that the Lord is there to take care of me. I ascend the escalator and as I come out, one cannot escape the screaming. “HE knows” he shouts. “HE knows all the good and will take care of you. “. Sometimes, I am tempted to stop and ask this guy what HE knows? And if he does, why HE is letting him waste his energy standing and shouting HIS glory at people who are evidently not interested in his daily sojourn.

No kidding rain or sun, this man shouts himself hoarse about the Lord’s glory. Maybe, this is a form of ecstasy like people whipping themselves to transcend levels (none of which I have ever understood)All the people around me try to ignore him for the most part. He stands there telling us that the greatest thing that ever happened is the fact that the Lord is there watching over us.

Similarly, every Friday, no matter how early I leave, I always find a man with brown eyes of medium build handing out pamphlets with the Lord’s glory printed on them. I don’t think these people are being paid for this, so what is their motivation?

I would never know. I wander around looking for a bear claw. The staff inform me courteously of course, that bear claws have been discontinued. (Bear claw is a kind of a breakfast thingy that I particularly love. Generally, I am not looking for the literal bear claws in the morning – by evening, it is a different story of course!)

Now, screaming outside Starbucks saying – “DON’T DISCONTINUE BEAR CLAWS!” may have had some effect. Maybe, the company would have seen the undying love people had for bear claws, and continued the product! But shouting that the Lord is watching over me when I’ve just been denied my pamper-myself-breakfast-item is a whole different elephant!

10 thoughts on “Oh Lord My God”

  1. Just trying to add more comments….he he he…No, you should not be commenting to your own blog..I will come to your rescue 😉

  2. I read the blog and I thought to myself that this just about okay compared to the nicer,funnier ones you wrote before. And then saw 7 comments and thought my sense of humour and appreciation had gone sour….now I know!!

    Claw..claw..bear claw!!

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