Rant over but ache continues…

Every so often I come across individuals who have been given the finest opportunities life can afford, yet behave like frogs stuck in a well. Education has no impact on them, interacting with diverse cultures and personalities has no impact on them. In short, with the best kind of exposure, they rigidly stick to their prejudices.

A jarring news item that came to my notice today.
Appalling as this sounds, the news item goes on to say that a 28 year old software engineer in Bangalore threw his 4-day old daughter in a well because he “did not want to have children”! A number of questions arise:

1) Why did he indulge in the act of procreation without protection if he felt this strongly about not wanting children? Surely, a 28 year software engineer in Bangalore has heard of birth control! It does say that he tried to convince his wife to abort, but she refused, and they seem to have gone on after that.
2) Why was a post-graduate education wasted on this individual? Clearly, education has done nothing to educate him on moral grounds or otherwise.

Everytime I come across something like this, my heart aches. An innocent life that so many people yearn to have in their lives, wasted in a moment’s rash behaviour.

Rant over, but ache continues….

4 thoughts on “Rant over but ache continues…”

  1. These are the times… my faith in humanity is shattered…
    To put it other way, it emphasize that human’s range of thought process goes from one extremene to another.
    And we cannot live with an assumption that everyone is “good” (relative to what we consider as good). Little depressing thought..but true 😦

  2. I read about another working woman committing suicide because she could not bear any children.
    It takes all varieties to make this world…

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