I watched Oscars like millions did. Some random points that came to mind:

I did clap when Slumdog Millionaire reaped in the awards, but the logical side of me couldn’t concede that the movie was worth 8 of them. I would call it a nice enough movie, but just that. Not great, not wonderful – tad better than mediocre. Another example of how right place at right time far outweighs merit.

And then, of course someone comes along and does an illogical thing, and basks in the narrow glow of publicity it brings. They gifted the children a concrete house and claimed they are working for the upliftment of conditions in slums. My head reels – how?! By moving the children who already made some money to a concrete house? How does that equate to “working for upliftment of slums”?

I loved the way Danny Boyle jumped up and down like Tigger in Winnie The Pooh when he won his Oscar. It was a helpful reminder that we all have a child in us, and sometimes takes hard work finding it.

I watched as the cameras rolled on the best dressed women. Speaking with a sense of negative fashion IQ , I am not the person most suited to make judgements I am afraid.

I scoured the crowd and found only 2 women wearing a pair of glasses, but the same was not true of Men. Are men more comfortable with glasses or are women more self-conscious about the bespectacled image?!

One thought on “Oscars”

  1. Women in movies are seen as a glamor components for most part.

    Hence presenting themselves in “nice” clothes and showing off their body a bit is part of marketing.

    With respect to all wearing similar dresses and colors, i wonder the same about style of cars. All cars have same exterior style (Vx Bug, Porsche and Corvettes are few exceptions).
    Same applicable for fashion/style world wide.

    I would say this movie is pretty decent one. Screenplay and Editing did the trick for the movie. And India, the country, helped as very “colorful” back drop in all sense.

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