I like being a sandwich!

I like being a sandwich!

The daughter had a chest phlegm and a cough. We heard vivid descriptions of her friend, drinking 3 coloured medicines everyday! She has red Tylenol in the morning, purple Tylenol in the evening and pink Tylenol at night. As a parent, I can intepret this to mean 3 different medications, possibly anti-biotics, for a bacterial infection, and further that the said friend was coughing like her. So, off to the Doctor’s office she went.

“Good Evening Honey! How are you?”
“I’m fine!”
“So, do you have any little brothers and sisters”, asked the Doctor by way of making conversation, and probably checking to see if they were any more minions waiting to be treated.
“No…just me”
“But, you know I have a little sister – she is 3 and half in India. And I have another sister – but she is 5 and a half” (My nieces, and yes, the “half” components of their age are very important. )

“So, she comes home and regales the conversation, and says – “I am in the middle, like a sandwich!”
I join in and tell her, I am in the middle too. I have an elder sister and a younger brother, so I am a sandwich too!

“Yeah! I like being a sandwich!!” we yelp and the doctor rests easy in her knowledge of my four and half year old’s 3.5 and 5.5. year old sisters from a different continent and we are happy being the middle layer of a sandwich – it is a complex world!

PS: And all, this conversation has made me hungry. I think I will go and make myself half a sandwich (the half is very important!)

3 thoughts on “I like being a sandwich!”

  1. Such a sweetie pie..the important thing is that she remembers her extended family despite distances!! I hope this lasts..that is the greatest worry I have since we all live in different continents!!!

  2. Yep, and the doctor was really relieved to learn about her 3 and half and 5 an half year old sisters! I could see she couldn’t rest easy without that useless piece of information!

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