John McCain won!

It was a well fought race – both players had positives and negatives that were objectively weighed by the voter turn-out and the decision was clear. In the hot presidential election between John McCain Vs Obama, John Mc Cain won!

I don’t know what the headlines are telling you these days – but this is the verdict.

Pink post-it notes belonged to Obama and yellow post-it notes belonged to McCain. The electoral base were the 3-4 year olds in my daughter’s classroom (where else?!) They were being taught the process of voting and it served as an exercise in counting too. I asked my daughter who she voted for – she launched into a recap of the decisions behind her friends’ choice of colours. They had evidently not taught them about ballot secrecy!

My daughter’s friend chose pink because she was wearing a pink jacket. Most of the boys shied away from pink because they thought it was a girl’s colour (Poor Obama – he might have been prepared to take on the tax laws and the health care system, but he didn’t know that was coming!)

Finally, they all got to count and decide the winner. Fourteen had chosen yellow and ten had chosen pink. So, it was decided that John Mc Cain won the presidential race.

Looking forward to a good tenure under Obama’s leadership,

Yours truly.

4 thoughts on “John McCain won!”

  1. Nicely written. Captured the essence of the discussion in a effective way.

    For others, the whole story was collected like a puzzle piece and finally put together.

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