I’d love an encore

Yesterday we attended a Tamil Light Music concert by S.P.Balasubramanian and his troupe. Lead singers were SPB, Chitra, Sailaja and an emerging talent, Srikrishnan. I had multiple sound tracks going on within the auditorium. My daughter said she too knows how to sing, and sang – “I am a Kangaroo, and I don’t live in the zoo…” to a backdrop of K.S.Chitra’s national award winning rendition of “Paadariyen, Padippariyean”. Luckily, I got my daughter’s musical genius to stop manifesting itself too much. She stopped singing early enough to avoid an unceremonious armed bodyguard escort out of the auditorium of her disgraced parents cheered on by piqued fans. I hushed her into silence by promising her a complete concert dedicated to no musician but herself the moment we get home!

Chitra stole the show, in my opinion with her genius. Her unassuming self was so evident, and yet she swayed the whole audience with every single one of her performances. At some pitches, I felt my ears vibrating with joy, and she smiled through them all – she did not even seem to be straining herself. There was one person who loved her career – one could see it in her passion to sing. Her “Ovoru pookalumae solgiradhae” song which won her another national award, evokes an array of emotions in me every time, and this time too, I was left yearning for an encore of the number.

A new talent emerging in the South, Srikrishnan also performed last night. If ever there was an award for an image/voice disconnect, I would recommend Srikrishnan. Somewhere in the baggy suit that walked onto the stage was a nervous thin lad. He kept falling at people’s feet asking for their blessings, and bending over forwards in deep bows. I sometimes felt a suspension thread from the ceiling was needed to pull him backwards just to remind him of the equilibrium involved in standing upright. And then, he sang.

He had a fantastic voice, and delivered difficult songs with great ease. His Tamil diction was pardonable, even likeable because of his voice. The only song where I could not bear it was “Kaalangalil aval vasantham”.

When Chitra and Srikrishnan sang a medley starting off with Chitra calling for “Lord Krishna”, her musical cries reached an all-time high and the auditorium watched awed. Krishna, Krishna Krishna – she called with devotion and piety dripping from her voice. It was sort of ironical to watch the puny Srikrishnan standing trembling beside her.

SPB as usual stunned the audience with his persona, his voice, his humour and his involvement of the crowd. His sister performed too, and though my friends did not seem to like her, I thought she was quite good too.

My husband likened it the concert to a good cup of coffee – you are left thirsting for just a little bit more, and the taste lingers on as you yearn. Though I am not much of a coffee lover myself, I agreed.

8 thoughts on “I’d love an encore”

  1. The concert was amazing!! It was my first time watching SPB performing live… His ability to move to higher notes effortlessly was just superb.

    May be, it is just me. But, I thought that the performance of SPB and Srikrishna overshadowed Chitra and Sailaja. I do share the sentiment that Sailaja was a bit off in a lot of her songs. Chitra obviously had an edge over her and proved it without doubt. It seemed like Sailaja had a very flat note without much modulations. The “Adi Ye, manam nilluna nikkadhadi” was pretty good for Sailaja’s voice. Srikrishna had an amazing voice. As Saumya pointed out, he is very unassuming and delivered a great performance… The part where he fell on everyone’s feet was a little frustrating after the 2nd or 3rd time… It looked like he was well on his way to becoming an MLA in Jayalalitha’s government..:)

  2. So, did your daughter have the one gal concert once you got home? That also is something that should be nourished n cherished πŸ˜€

  3. I agree, it was an awesome performance.

    I liked SPB, Chitra, Sreekrishna & Sailaja in that order.

    For me, SPB singing, Engeyum Yeppothum was the highlight. It is one song which always takes us to different plane and at that point I come close to agree the teenagers going crazy (with the scream etc.) is not that crazy πŸ™‚

    I liked Radhai manadhu song where the musical troop did a fantastic job.

    Above all, I did enjoy Keena's thumping songs trying to match SPB's pitch πŸ™‚

  4. SPB’s concert was a delight, full of wonderful delightful IL melodies which seems to have been replaced by the naakku mukkas and manmadha raasa’s of today *sigh sigh*

    Chitra was a treat, can find no other word. As to Sreekrishna, ippadi oru beedi baadikkul– enna oru melodious voice?! *LOL*

    SP.Shailaja has had her heydays in the 70/80’s. Yes, she is screechy but is quite a good singer nonetheless.

    Awesome show… nice post Saumya

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