Heights of CP

I sat back and watched with a supreme sense of satisfaction. It seems like just talking about the lack of medals for India was enough to get us not one, but three medals!

I know the perfect solution to more Olympic medals. We need to talk more – ha ha!
PS: CP means Cheap Publicity!
PS1: I am very sad that the Olympics is coming to an end. It seems like 2 weeks of a treat flew past. Two weeks where we marvelled the endurance and performance of athletes regardless of their origin. Two weeks of human beings at their competitive best.

Next week, things will be back to normal again. The memory of the Games fading from our midst like a smudged water-color painting. The once firm contours blending into each other – still beautiful, but not as striking when we think back about the Olympics and smile.

3 thoughts on “Heights of CP”

  1. I did not understand the relation of title to the subject 😦

    Anyway, olympics creates different feeling at different point of time.

    Tong Fu (or that is what I think) was major hero for me (Gymnist from China) when I was young (1984 I think).
    Note: Found from google/wiki that it was Tony Fei (and he was Silver medalist – not a gold medalist)

    Matts Biondi, a swimmer, was big name, because of his courage to come back and win gold after being hit in the diving board.

    In the world of Phelps & Bolt,for me, Dara Torres is an inspiration in this olympics. (Certainly getting old!)

    For me, from commentery perspective, this is one of the best olympics in my memory.

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