The silence of the Moon

It was a long day. There were a number of interesting events today, but I’m here to report none of that. I sat in the car, in silence. I knew the lack of conversation was all my daughter needed to fall asleep. She had had a tiring day too, and had been extra active for the past 6 hours. I glanced across at my husband holding the steering wheel, and then looked out the window. It was either the full moon, or close to the full moon.

I felt strange, sitting there watching the trees go by, the cars whiz past. The clouds moved – dark gray clouds, but it wasn’t supposed to rain. How much one relies on the weather forecast, I thought idly. It was beautiful to watch the moon peer in and out of the gray clouds. Just as I thought some clouds were moving fast enough to eclipse the whole moon, the moon would slip out again. I watched the moon looking for a smile when it emerged. But all I saw was the bright moon with the same dark spots. I wondered about how we overload our thoughts and yearn for other things to change. Just because I wanted to find a smile is not going to change the moon’s contours to be a smile. The moon is the moon – reflecting sunlight, moving around the earth and awarding a peaceful moment to anyone willing the take the time to notice it.

I just sat and watched the moon slip in and out of the clouds the whole way home. I am trying to find the word for my feeling – but then I realise I cannot describe it. I couldn’t remember the last time I spent time just looking at the moon. Is peaceful the word? I am not sure, but it felt good. I watched as my husband stopped at the traffic signal – my daughter had slept.

I loved the for 7.2 miles in the silence of the moon.

3 thoughts on “The silence of the Moon”

  1. I like doing the watching the moon thing. I have done it sometimes right from my apt very late at night. Staring at the moon from my patio – taking in the silence, the pale gold of the moon, the feeling of oneness with the world – and being filled with an extraordinary sense of peace.

    Most people who know about this conclude I am crazy. I am glad I am not alone :-)!

  2. Hey archana,

    I hardly think we are alone here. The moon has inspired so many poets and authors for generations.

    So, I shall continue to marvel at the beautiful moon đŸ™‚

  3. I love silence sometimes, especially when driving. Most of the times, I just look out the window and keep quiet while traveling in the night. It does make you feel at peace.

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