The Cine’s got them all!

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The Cine’s got them all!

I went to a cinema theatre last week. Those who know me know that it is an event worth blogging about. Somehow, the cinema theatre has never appealed to me. I have always left the theatre with a headache (Dolby/fantastic sound systems, too many speakers) and blurry eyes with the humongous images that always seem too close for my liking! The Indian theatres had the added disadvantage of letting a tiny bit of urine smell ‘waft’ in through the opened doors after intervals. All in all, never enjoyed the theatre as much as curling up at home and watching the scenes I like and skipping the ones I don’t. I have the dubious reputation of watching whole 3 hour feature films in less than 15 minutes ( I hate violent scenes, I don’t like fights, I don’t care too much for most of the songs, and would rather fast forward an unnecessarily maudlin scene – That leaves the titles, which I don’t watch anyway!)

Anyway, we made an event out of the movie outing, and made sure my daughter did not take a nap in the afternoon, so she would fall asleep soon, and set out after an early dinner. As we were walking towards the theatre explaining the many virtues of popcorn to my daughter so she gets excited about the experience, what should happen, but she tripped and fell. Luckily, she hardly got hurt.

My daughter is a sweet-heart but a fall just jolts her! She cried and exercised her vocal chords considerably. I went and asked the theatre manager (TM) for ice and a band-aid. Guess what?

She donned one of those falsely sweet tones – “You know…I really would like to give you one, but, yeah, we aren’t allowed to do that”

Me aghast: Why? It’s just some ice and band-aid!

TM: Yeah, I know, but we aren’t allowed to do that.

Me: May I know why?

TM: Yeah….for the risk of being sued

Me: *Laughing inwardly* Believe me, I have neither the time nor the inclination to sue over some band-aid and few blocks of ice!

TM: Yeah – I know, but I really can’t

Me: Yeah…okay (What?! “Yeah” does get to you after a while!)

Anyway! I spent the first half an hour of the movie trying to soothe her, and put her to sleep. Well – no points for guessing what happened next. Turns out, only the first half hour of the movie was supposed to be watch-able by even less stringent standards than my watchability guidelines outlined above. So, I came home with a child who had body pain because of the fall, a bad head-ache and blurry eyes to boot. Not to mention a hoarse throat with the rather vehement criticism on the way back!

Sigh – I remember why I don’t like theatres!

One thought on “The Cine’s got them all!”

  1. Haa haaa.. 1 step forward and 2 step backward.

    You should write about why exactly Keena cried. It is certainly not the fall and the pain associated with it. Kidssss!!!!!!

    USA is taking this liability issue way too seriously and that is real pain. In this case it is still managable but what if it is very serious problem..

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