10 Things

Archana tagged me, I hemmed and hawed, because I did not want to answer the question. I was happy just letting life lilt along. But, I did tell her that I would answer her tag, so here I go.
Ten things I want to do in the next 10 years — hmm. There is no priority here, just mentioned as I think of them.
1) I want to read more varied works – lots of books spanning different subject areas.

2) I want to learn Carnatic music. I may not have the best voice in the world, but I love it, and there is no harm in trying.

3) I want to learn swimming very well. It has been my dream since childhood, and I finally managed to fit myself into a swim-suit – though, the way I wear one is probably the most unsexy way any swimsuit can be worn. Regardless, I love swimming, and want to get better at it.

4) I want to be a person who is able to embrace myself for who I am. This has more to do with building a sense of overall achievement in all spheres of life. Sometimes, I tend to fall into the drag of a uni-dimensional lifestyle, and lose out on the big picture.

5) I want to undertake at least 1 academic course in the United States

6) I want to be able to spend more time in my daughter’s activities – ideally, I would like to volunteer at her school for one afternoon every week. What better way to understand her world? This is a totally new ballgame for me, and I need to understand her world. Right now, this seems like a long shot, but I am hoping that I can eventually do that.

7) I definitely have to find a way to understand the economics of different things, and also how they tie into a cohesive whole. I know bits and pieces about the stock market, about interest rates, about forex reserves and exchange rates. I still don’t understand the ripple effects that one produces on another.

8) I want to be a good parent – I want to be a friend, guide and disciplinarian all rolled into one. I find this an especially daunting task, since the world my daughter is growing up in, is very different from the world I grew up in. Point #6 maybe a sub-task of this one in that sense.

9) I want to excel in my profession.

10) I want to be able to do all of the above!

When I started out with 10 things, I found myself thinking really hard to come up with a list of 9 really! Anyhow, thanks Archana!

3 thoughts on “10 Things”

  1. Finally :-D! Thank you!

    Erm – I have heard of sexy-looking swimsuits – but what is an unsexy way of wearing a swimsuit :-P?

    Good luck for hitting your 10!

  2. I can take a photograph and post it on my blog – it wouldn’t count as obscene, but I don’t think I can bear to look at my photogrpah like that, and live with that feeling! It entails an elaborate process of looking ugly, and rumpled in a smart swimsuit πŸ™‚

  3. 10 things..interesting to how well rounded our goals are when we see them in macro level. Day-to-day issues bog us down to be uni-dimensional people πŸ™‚

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