There is a sure-shot method to get a grown person turn red with embarrassment almost instantly. It involves the process of meeting their parents, hoping they remember their child’s glorious childhood, and re-kindle their enthusiasm to share the minutest of details. One question you can ask is: Do you remember how baby goliath used to play hide-n-seek? To date, I have not heard this question back-fire. All parents who have spent hours on their mother’s knee learning the value of truth, will tell you, how daft their little one was at the game. In fact, I am quite sure Newton’s mother will tell you that her son tried to hide himself behind an apple as a child.

It is quite fascinating to see the game of peek-a-boo mature into hide-n-seek. Suddenly, closing one’s eyes in the middle of the room, means nobody can see you! Give me a break. When they do hide, you can be almost sure, it will be a choice between spot A and spot B. Spot C becomes too varied. Of all the things the things I like to see best is how they come up with hiding spots when in a hurry.

“Hurry up! Amma will be coming in any moment…hide!”

Keep the pressure on, and see the kind of spots they come up with to really enjoy hide-n-seek. For example, this is where I “found” my daughter hiding when I came home one day. I had to try to avoid tripping over her, given that the box was in the middle of the room. Nevertheless, I spent five whole minutes shouting out her name, and looking for her in every other room, before feigning surprise at find her here.

I started mentioning this to one of my friends, and guess what, her sister came up with? My friend’s hide-n-seek past! To protect the privacy of the friend, I shall refrain from mentioning the name, and other details. But, let’s say it was highly entertaining to imagine that a highly qualified person with a keen intellect also started out with a deplorable hide-n-seek history!

Another related story that I put up soon, is my brother’s hide-n-seek history. Boy, that would be a read!

10 thoughts on “Hide-n-Seek”

  1. Saumya,
    I love playing any game with Keena and this one was the best..:-)I was talking about this game again & again..:-) to Suresh after going home on Saturday. She is a real darling and the photo looks so cute.

  2. @Mano,
    I think I have gone way beyond mere brownie points…he he he…

    Isn’t it interesting how Sawmya is talking about herself as “the other friend” . Maybe, we should ask her sister about the games..:-)

    Ha ha ha …

  3. Oh well survivor….your comment gave yourself away. (wow….what a sentence!)

    Just to make things clear, Survivor’s sister mentioned that S would play hide-n-seek, but 100% of the time, she would hide in the exact same spot that her sister hid the last time!

  4. @Saumya,
    I know, I should have kept my stupid mouth shut. šŸ™‚ Too bad…I couldnt resist after reading sdpal’s comment..:-)

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