Word Verification

I had to turn on word verification while commenting. The reason is, I had a very persistent blogger enticing me to earn extra $2000 just by filling out online surveys. It looks like something needs to be purchased for a throw-away price of $79.99, and then the riches are mine for the asking.

I haven’t verified these sources yet, but I am assuming there is a typebox asking me to enter my credit card number, checking account number in which to credit my dues, address, and any other personal identification I feel like divulging. Once done, I pretty much have to twiddle my thumbs, and randomly click on online surveys, and watch the money flow (The sentence obviates my need to specify the direction of money flow)

Every time I read something like this, I can’t help looking at the reference comments. There is Joyful Jane falling all over herself claiming this liberated her from her dejected depravity, and she is the owner of a Mercedes Benz in just six short months. This comment is followed by All-you-can-get Alex, who is all but ga-ga over the site. For good measure, solely for skeptics such as myself, there is a Cautious Curie who says, she did not believe in the site at first, but later her new-found riches helped turn her torn down hut in Louiseville, KY into a mansion at Orange County.

I am going to pass the easy riches for the N-th time, and hope the California lottery picks me as a winner instead.

3 thoughts on “Word Verification”

  1. Oh there is a story for the lottery ticket. The men in my life decided to go and see a house WAY beyond our reach, just for the heck of it. There was this guy who made them buy the california lottery ticket, thereby increasing the probablity of us affording the house!

    In my opinion, it decreased the probability by a dollar!

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