Background Music

Did you know I was a radio star? I have performed a few times on the All India Radio (I meant that to sound pompous) Before you go and start searching for my name in the halls of fame, let me put it in context. There is only 1 important characteristic in all those programs. Nobody can make out that it was me. The only way one could have guessed is by listening to the announcement prior to the program proclaiming my name in the list of students performing.

To be fair to my father, he recorded one event. When he rewound the tape and listened to the program again, he figured it would be enough to just retain the announcement section, since the rest of the program could have been performed by anybody. So, he promptly used the tape to record M.S.Subbulakshmi songs when he got a chance. It would have been nice to have the announcement proclaiming my performance followed by MS singing. Tut Tut….That was not to be: the announcement got over-written too.

So my claim to fame is solely by word of mouth. It goes like this: List of students in today’s program: Subashini, Venkat, …………., Saumya,……!

I was a versatile performer. I sang at times(never solo lest you start bad-mouthing AIR), and some other times performed in skits. The school stationery manager stepped forward gallantly and mentioned that he had left an illustrious career in the theatrical industry to serve the school, and therefore he should be the person who provided the background music skits. We nodded and the practice sessions started.

To state it as mildly as possible, the background music was HORRENDOUS. Every place in the play where you think some quiet would do, there was music blaring. Some other places where mild music would have done the trick, we had garish music making us shout out every line in order to be heard over the music. I would not call the program a fiasco, but there were no folks waiting outside for autographs. The highlight of all this drama was the lunch we ate at Annapoorna restaurant in Coimbatore (Plus: the day-off from School to drive down to Coimbatore, perform and get back)

There are times in my life when I envision my life as a movie, and there is background music. So I see myself cooking *Sax playing mildly indicating a chef’s beauty being developed* Never mind that I am making Rasam and vendakkai curry. It provides spice in my life! The washing clothes, folding them section gets a banal harmonium. Playing with my daughter and taking her on walks gets melodious flute accompaniment.

I have worked hard at directing my life, so why not revel in my role as music director?!

5 thoughts on “Background Music”

  1. It is really to funny to picturize a teacher who thinks he is good in music when he is not.

    Will form a good comedy line for movies *LOL*

  2. Hey,

    Siddharth (from Lovedale) here. Found your blog linked off a comment from Ganesh’s blog.

    This infernal Blogger has no ‘contact us’ link, so I’m not entirely sure how to say hi other than posting a link in your blog.

    So, hi. šŸ™‚


  3. That’s a hilarious post. Really if you read the post to the end, it starts to seem like the beginning of a movie. With someone’s voice in the background, telling the tale. šŸ™‚

    Interesting! Please tell me there is next part to this! šŸ˜¦

  4. Thanks Archana šŸ™‚ It all started because I was not well, and was thinking of some sad violin music playing in the background. So, I thought I shall write about this!

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