One fine day

A foreword is necessary to this post. I work in the Financial district where dress codes are respected. The IT department, like in most companies, is the frumpier of the lot. We have people dressed smartly in Business casuals Monday through Thursday. There would be a slight exaggeration here, but you get the drift when I say the brightest colours inside of the office are the yellow walls.

The colours bloom on Fridays, which is the casual day at work. Hawaiian shirts spot the horizon, and the orange shirts and jeans are seen on happy faces awaiting the week-end. I sport all my Indian tops on jeans on Fridays and get rave reviews on the prints. I was looking for company to digress a little further and wear bright Indian skirts to work. A friend of mine showed inclination and enthusiasm. So we arrived on a date, and decided to wear skirts to work that day, when she said: “Oh, I meant, you should wear bright clothes, I can stand by the by-lines and encourage you.”

Have you been bungee jumping? It is like a x & y, two best buddies climb to the top. X depends on Y for company. They reach the top, and Y says: “You jump. I ‘ll stand here and give you encouragement!”

Well, one fine day, maybe I will come in looking like a bouquet of flowers in a yellow room!

2 thoughts on “One fine day”

  1. he he đŸ™‚ I know that one. :-). I remember while in India, being in IT, our office in fact had informals as the dress code. So we invariably wore jeans or maximum salwar suits. I and my friend often talked about wearing saree to office. Only that we would decide about a week in advance that NEXT Monday we’ll do that; however as that Monday would come near, both of us would just ignore the topic completely and so it never happened. :-).
    Hope you do get to wear the bright skirts though!

  2. Good one *LOL*

    I have about 6 orders for printed skirts, culots and parallels for a few co-workers of mine the next time I go to India.

    *Escape* is going to be my mode (-:

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