Tennis for the uninitiated

T’was the golden month after our wedding. I had just adjusted to a new place, new people and the works. One day, at one of our get togethers one enthusiast suggested Tennis to keep the mind and body in shape. Soon, the tennis club took shape, and there was a flurry of excitement all around. The venue was fixed, and all the necessary gear was purchased (You did not see me roll me eyes did you?!)

I was invited to witness the game, and being the new bride took it upon myself to encourage thy husband in all his endeavours. So, the day dawned bright and fresh. Being the first day, around fifteen phone calls flew back and forth. What I least expected was 15 balls flying back and forth during the game. Oops…did I say 15 balls flying back and forth? Let me amend that to 15 balls flying uni-directionally. I waited patiently for 22 minutes and 33 seconds before the first serve was returned!

So much for all the pomp and splendour!

It is fun being married, and having lots of friends, I guess.

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