What Will Future Anthropologists Do?

Anthropologists are forever finding evidence on some tablet or inside some godforsaken cave, telling us all about life in the era. I mean when we see caves full of paintings showing tigers being strung with a sleek bow and arrow, we know that the cavemen weren’t launching supersonic jets, followed by rockets to the moon … Continue reading “What Will Future Anthropologists Do?”

A Condensed Version Please!

I would hereby like to thank James Band and the Nadaswaram party for the sore throat they have gifted me with – One that reminds me of the thumping music at the wedding every waking moment. Any attempts at ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ sound like ‘Bray Bray Black ..’ almost a month after the proceedings. … Continue reading “A Condensed Version Please!”

Disneyland: A trip to the magical kingdom

Every time I go to Disneyland, I become a small girl again. This time was more magical than ever. You see this time I truly had a little princess with me. One of the things I find about Disneyland is that we can never be dressed right for the place. To elaborate further, this time … Continue reading “Disneyland: A trip to the magical kingdom”

Ramblings of a Marathon Support Group Member

I do not wish to belittle the achievement by stating it as another marathon. Nevertheless, yesterday my husband finished another marathon along with 2 of our close friends. The arduous hours of training, the “interesting” pain(Yes – he does state that the wrenching pain is interesting!), the accompanying medal were all taken in the spirit … Continue reading “Ramblings of a Marathon Support Group Member”

The Countdown begins……..

Months of preparation are finally coming close to fruition – the marathoner in our home, is gearing up to a run coming Sunday. Meanwhile, the marathoner’s wife is busy preparing for the trip. A formidable list is already in place – months of procurement for the marathon are finally being put to use. 1) Running … Continue reading “The Countdown begins……..”