A Sky Full of Bucket Lists

April is Poetry Month apparently. It is also the month that hosts Earth Day, the one day we dedicate to saving the only home we know, Earth. As far as I am concerned, they are all excellent themes for the month bursting with the prospects of Spring. It has been an unusually hot spring, but … Continue reading “A Sky Full of Bucket Lists”

2022 Reading

It is that time of year when we cannot believe another year has gone by and simultaneously ponder on what a long year it was. The quixotic nature of time – once again making a fool of us all. It is also the time I look back fondly on the books that lit up my … Continue reading “2022 Reading”

The Books That Lit Up 2021

There were times in the past year when I felt the old reading habit was flagging. There was simply too much going on to properly immerse in the beauty and peace of it all. Yet, somehow, looking at the list, there is a good combination of old favorite authors, re-reads of a few books – … Continue reading “The Books That Lit Up 2021”

I Think You’ll Like This Ma!

Mother’s Day was upon us and before we knew it, the children were wishing me a marvelous day. We sat there, refusing to get up from bed, and just enjoying the mother’s day stories of past years.  “Remember the year you made me that crown?! “ The now-teenaged daughter shuddered, and said, “It was horrible … Continue reading “I Think You’ll Like This Ma!”

The Lock Smith

The locksmith’s passion started with Legos Their mother saw the spark in their eyes as a toddler Proudly did they show me the first key they made I listened with fascination and stood watching quietly The intense focus slowly figuring the nooks and crannies The frustrated shake of the head, the repeated tries Rewarded with … Continue reading “The Lock Smith”