The Heart As a Compass 🧭

My heart is a compass – By Deborah Marcero Here is a book that spoke to the very depths of the child in me. I am sure many of us have spent time with just this sort of activity, and may be not with such fantastic results to show for it.  I distinctly remember : … Continue reading “The Heart As a Compass 🧭”

Sleeping Angel

The son’s room got a new lick of paint. It is a calming, soothing color called Sleeping Angel. Paint color namers have to be the most creative bunch. I have never actually met a person who held that particular job, but I would be thrilled to do so. The names they come up with have … Continue reading “Sleeping Angel”

On The Ribbons of Wonder

The ‘Scenic Highway’ sign brings about an overwhelming goodness of heart; a promise of something worthwhile; a yearning for the treat ahead. Nuts? (Absolutely – especially near the symmetrically placed Almond plantations on Californian highways.) Cuckoo? (Of course! Who wouldn’t be to the musical trilling of the birds?) I poke my head out to inhale the … Continue reading “On The Ribbons of Wonder”

The White Tiger Stops at Gray – Part 1

When Arvind Adiga’s ‘White Tiger’ won the Booker, I promptly read the book. White Tiger is about a driver who works for a rich Indian family,  and turns gruesome as he kills his US-returned employer for gain. People have heard of the fact that I travel, and that I read when I travel. Well, this … Continue reading “The White Tiger Stops at Gray – Part 1”