Children of Stories

Fresh smells of laundry detergent wafted up from the warm pile surrounding me on the bed. Despite the many piles that needed folding, I felt a strange sense of gratitude for a chore that allowed me to sit on the bed for a few minutes while folding them. (My commute doesn’t always accord me the … Continue reading “Children of Stories”

Let Children Play Outside

Please indulge me once more as I meander down the memory lane. After all, The business of life is the acquisition of memories. Regular readers of my blog know that I grew up in a beautiful hill station surrounded by hills, forests, springs and tea estates. Obviously, I spent a good part of this time … Continue reading “Let Children Play Outside”

Life is Elementary

It is when I look back upon the past few years as an adult that I realize how much I have enjoyed the elementary school years of the children. The immigrant experience enriched this time in my childrens’ life for me. I am also extraordinarily grateful for the fact that the schools allowed us to … Continue reading “Life is Elementary”

Qi 🧘🏼‍♀️Yin 🧚🏼‍♂️ & Yang 🪷

I remember one rainy monsoon afternoon when I walked into my friend’s house dripping water all over the floor. Their mother (one of my favorite aunts) looked amazing in a saree and I complimented her – ‘makes you look dashing’ I said. She was reading a Sidney Sheldon novel which I found cool in and … Continue reading “Qi 🧘🏼‍♀️Yin 🧚🏼‍♂️ & Yang 🪷”

🌲 A Nemophilist’s Booklist🌲

One quite understands Albert in his quest for quiet. The poor fellow leaves his noisy house, goes to the beach, but people follow him everywhere. He has pups to keep an eye on, friends who want him to help build a sandcastle, but all Albert wants to do that day is read quietly. Finally, he … Continue reading “🌲 A Nemophilist’s Booklist🌲”

🪷Happy 18th Birthday 🍀

May is the beautiful month of beauty, warmth , work, and birthdays (including the blog’s birthday)  The nourish-n-cherish saga is now officially an adult in the muggle world (18 years of age)  Over 1080 posts in, the blog seems to have had its own growth. In the beginning , it was a place for short … Continue reading “🪷Happy 18th Birthday 🍀”

⚡️💨⛈ Oh! To be a cloud! ⚡️💨⛈

Time spent in a beautiful meditation of clouds, is time well invested in one’s soul. I am convinced of it.  The past week had me sighing and exclaiming at nature’s shows. The multi-layered clouds rolled in, and treated the populace to extraordinary shows of the skies.  At times, it would be the shades of gray … Continue reading “⚡️💨⛈ Oh! To be a cloud! ⚡️💨⛈”

🪷🍁🍀🍇🌴The Power of Plants🪷🍁🍀🍇🌴

Around the World in 80 Plants – Jonathan Drori Illustrated by Lucille Clere Reading about plants and how they shaped our lives is a fascinating endeavor. How little we stop to think when we sprinkle turmeric, or asafoetida in our foods? Turmeric and Asafoetida by themselves are used so ubiquitously in Indian cooking that we … Continue reading “🪷🍁🍀🍇🌴The Power of Plants🪷🍁🍀🍇🌴”

Lives of Musicians and what the Neighbors Thought!

Lives of the Musicians – Good Times, Bad Times (And what the Neighbors Thought) is a fantastic book of the lives of musicians.  Some of the more famous musician’s stories we may have heard before, but the book had enough that are not as well known. Written with a look at their personalities, the book … Continue reading “Lives of Musicians and what the Neighbors Thought!”