Magique Français

There is a charm to traveling at this time of the year. We had decided on an Europe trip with 3 countries thrown in to the mix. Which is to say that the rest of the nourish-n-cherish household of spoilt folks enjoyed a trip planned meticulously by the husband. Left with all the rest of … Continue reading “Magique Français”

Published Articles

Some of my articles have been published in leading journals, newspapers and magazines. Author Profiles: The Hindu The Currents Magazine The San Francisco Chronicle The Times of Amma Nature Writing The Who Am I? page pretty well captures the flux of ideas in my brain. The Published eBooks page captures a little of  What I … Continue reading “Published Articles”

The Man Who Deciphered the Heavens

I wonder often how humanity figured out things like the Earth revolving around the sun while rotating on its tilted axis every 24 hours. Questions such as our place in the Cosmos, and our understanding of it have wracked humanity for centuries. Religions sought to answer some of these questions through myths and erroneous theories. One … Continue reading “The Man Who Deciphered the Heavens”

Hola Amigos! Tres Bien Nachos

This article appeared in The Hindu’s Open Page Section dated 15th October 2017 “Hi Amma. Konichiwa!”, said the little fellow as he pranced home from school. “Konichiwa?” “It means Hola! Hello in Japanese.” said the fellow beaming. “Oh that’s nice. Konichiwa. It sounds like a tinkling windchime. Koni-chiwa. “ “Ni Hao is Hello in Chinese.” said … Continue reading “Hola Amigos! Tres Bien Nachos”

Beauty in Diversity & Unity in Adversity

This article was published in India Currents & San Francisco Chronicle. I am one of the thousands of people who ride BART regularly. One particularly cold morning, as two train loads of people tried to stuff ourselves into 1 train, I took to my favorite pastime on the train when not being able to read … Continue reading “Beauty in Diversity & Unity in Adversity”

The Art of Soliloquizing

If ever you need to shake off your inhibitions and take a course in the art of bold self expression, I suggest taking the public transit, BART. Talking to Once-self is a free course that is offered to all riders. Also selective hearing. Traveling on BART gives you a unique experience. One only has to … Continue reading “The Art of Soliloquizing”

The Tree’s Spiritual Path

Monday’s heat wave sent a shocking yearning for the milder, cloudier days that we have been enjoying in May. It is wonderful when one gets to enjoy the burst of Spring without the stifling heat that the Californian Springs and Summers crack up the Earth with. It was, therefore, with a whole-hearted mind to enjoy … Continue reading “The Tree’s Spiritual Path”


Tea…Kappi….Vada…Bonda…BajjeeeyaaaTea…Kappi….Vada…Bonda…Bajjeeeyaaa I sorely missed this chant when BART ground to a stand still last night during peak commute hour. The stations were eerily quiet, and empty, while BART employees feverishly worked to get the system back on track. I envisioned any other station in India when the train pulls into the station. The “sooda tea” … Continue reading “Tea…Kappi….Vada…Bonda…Bajjeeeyaaa”